How to Find Work-at-Home Jobs
Working from home is recognized as a steadily growing, worldwide trend, whether as an employed remote-worker or as a self-employed business owner or freelancer.
BKSB Maths & English Tests
The Department for Education and Skills has identified various key skills necessary for people to navigate life and succeed in the workplace, which they have called Functional Skills.
Wonderlic Tests
You can expect to take a Wonderlic test early in the recruitment process. It’s designed to be a quick and easy test to give out to a mass of candidates, with results that can be used to narrow the field down fast.
How to Buy Gold Online
With interest rates at historic lows around the world, it’s no surprise that people are investing their hard-earned money in
Practice SHL Tests
It is one of the largest such providers globally, with products available in 30 different languages, accessible in more than 150 countries.
The CAT4 Cognitive Abilities Test
The test is designed to work out how each student best learns and thinks, allowing teachers and staff to support them better.
CPA Testing Dates: Setting Your Schedule
While you can only submit your application once you meet the minimum requirements – essentially after graduation – there is nothing wrong with preparing everything ahead of time.
The Best Forex Signals for Trading [in 2021]
This information will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether you want to proceed with a specific trade.


Explore the main competencies employers look for when assessing candidates at interview.

Key Competencies

Find out about the most important key competencies that firms look for in candidates and how to demonstrate them effectively at interview.

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Core Competencies

Discover the most common core competencies that employers want to see and how to demonstrate each of them.

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Interpersonal Skills

What are the 10 interpersonal skills employers value most? Read definitions, get examples and learn how to demonstrate them effectively.

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Soft Skills

Learn about the 10 key interpersonal skills you will need to demonstrate and why they are important.

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Good communication skills are vital to all employers. Find out about the top 10 communication skills that employers want to see.

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Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are particularly vital when applying for graduate jobs. Find out how to demonstrate the 10 most important.

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Technical Skills

Find out the key skills you will need to demonstrate for technical graduate jobs and how to push them at interview.

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Find out what problem-solving skills are and why it is important to graduate employers. With example questions.

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